Fresh Air

by Alan C. Duncan

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    Alan C. Duncan's "Fresh Air" is a concise, heart-felt statement set over melodic, musical beats.

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"I love how free indie artists can be with their lyrics, beats, style and overall sound. Alan C. definitely has creative freedom and isn’t ashamed or afraid to rap about the hope of Christ and the love of God. Having such attributes makes each song authentic; not sugar coated, and not watered down. In a stuffy room known as hip-hop, Duncan uses his craft to bring a breath of 'FRESH AIR' to the industry – mainstream and underground."

Christian Treborn,

"This 10-track project from the Ohio-based rapper is hip-hop at it's most creative. Alan brings a clear and rolling flow over an inventive and at times eclectic approach to his art. The anthemic "Movin'" is a standout track ("Sick of the same old sounds/Sick of the sin sickness") followed by "Fresh Air" where Alan offers a positive response. There is a deep level of truth and insight in the standout "Believe" featuring Joanna Duncan, encouraging others to believe in Jesus. Not shying away from some tricky issues, both "Still War" and "A Conversation" deal with a couple of tricky topics which need listening to, don't want to add spoilers! "Too Long" featuring God's Child, Patrick Davis, Jacqueline Davis and Joanna Duncan explodes into life over strings, piano and minimal snare drum rolls while there is acappella clarity on "Back" before the album closes with a reprise of "Movin'". Thoroughly recommended."

Steve Hayes,

"Rap lyrics do not typically strike a cord universally, but how about vignettes about God’s saving grace, salvation and forgiveness? These themes are present in Alan C. Duncan’s music.

As a Christian rap artist, Duncan says his songs have the ability to connect with a range of listeners. “What I try to do with the music is have someone in mind who maybe doesn’t already believe in Jesus Christ,” Duncan said. “That’s who I think about when I write my music. I am giving a Christian message in my music. I am very up front about Christ being the only means of salvation. I just try to say it in a way so I’m almost preaching to myself.”

The album features the voice of Duncan’s wife, Joanna, whom he met at a church function, and Nancy 'N' Kapsar playing the flute. There are also hints of piano, guitar, live acoustic bass and a child’s toy organ from the 1950s.

“The music out there now isn’t fresh,” Duncan said. “The lyrics are getting old. It isn’t encouraging. If anything, it is doing more damage. I try to be as Scripturally accurate as possible,” Duncan said. “I cross check my references with others and try to say things in a way that will resonate with people.”

Duncan gets much of his creative motivation from knowing that his songs have an impact on others. Through his ministry, Duncan has performed for audiences in West Africa, Alabama and a host of clubs. He also connects by mail to an incarcerated man. Above all, Duncan is confident he has found his calling."

-Sara Macho, Sun News


released February 26, 2010

Alan C. Duncan: Lyrics, Vocals, Production on tracks 1,2,4,5
Joanna Duncan: Vocals on tracks 1,2,3,4,7,8,10
Nancy "N" Kapsar: Keys, Organ, or Flute on tracks 1,2,3,6,10
Rufus Jones IV: Violin track 8
Tito Santiago: Production tracks 6,7
Ben Crespo: Production track 8
Eddie Tomecko: Mixing, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Programming on tracks 4,8

Executive Producer Alan C. Duncan
Recorded by Alan C. Duncan in the Blue Room
Additional Recording by Eddie Tomecko, Joshua Aaron
Mastered by Virgil "T.R.U.E. L.I.F.E." Byrd
Graphic Design: Alan C. Duncan
Photography: God's Child



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Alan C. Duncan Cleveland

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